Need To Know

Some important information for before you arrive

Need To Know

Dark Days will not allow friends/families to watch the tattooing; one or two people may wait in the waiting area. Children & infants are not permitted as they can cause distractions to the artist & are a safety risk.

Make sure to eat a healthy & balanced meal prior to your session. If you are hungry pain becomes harder to manage. Bring snacks that aren’t messy and are easily eaten using one hand for longer sessions.
It’s important to stay hydrated before and during your session. Bring a bottle of water.

Make sure to get good amount of sleep the night before your session. Don’t arrive hung over, this will only result in a highly unenjoyable session for you and your artist.

Don’t arrive for your session a few drinks deep. The alcohol will not numb the pain and can cause complications.

Expect to be lying or sitting still in potentially uncomfortable position. Avoid tight or constricting clothing. Think of the area being tattooed and ensure it will be easily accessible.

If you are unable to make your appointment you must give 48 hours’ notice. Failure to do so will result in your deposit being forfeited. No-shows may result in the artist’s refusal to tattoo you in the future.

To reschedule a tattoo please email the artist.


A deposit will be taken at the time of the booking. You can pay your deposit online here.


The remainder must be paid on the day of the tattoo in full.


All bookings require a minimum $50 deposit to secure, which is non-refundable or transferable. Bee will get in touch with instructions for payment.

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